BatteryChargeManager is a small tool to set charging thresholds for LenovoTM ThinkpadTM notebooks. This can significantly extend the overall battery lifetime.


When a laptop is mainly used with a power supply, the battery is always fully charged. This reduces the overall battery lifetime, as charging takes place at high current levels when reached a charge level of approximately 85%, and the battery warms up. By setting an upper charging threshold, charging is stopped when this threshold is exceeded.

In addition, batteries that are rarely used, e.g. because the laptop is usually operated with a power supply, have a longer overall lifetime if they are not fully charged. The optimum charge level is about 50%. By setting a lower charging threshold, charging is only started when the charge level falls below this threshold.

The charging thresholds are also effective when the laptop is switched off, as they are stored in the battery's firmware.
Individual charging thresholds can be set for each battery.



The factory setting is 100% for the upper charging threshold and 96% for the lower one. This allows maximum battery life without power supply, but reduces battery capacity in the long term. The recommended settings depend on the specific use:

  • Laptop normally plugged in (mains operation): upper charging threshold 50% to 55%.
  • Laptop more often without power supply (battery operation): upper charging threshold 70% to 85% (depending on required running time)
  • Good practice is to set the lower charging threshold 5% to 10% below the upper charging threshold.
    If battery life time without power supply is not important for you then 40% is a good lower charging threshold.
    The difference between upper and lower charging threshold must be at least 4%.
Every 2 to 3 months the battery should be charged to 100%, then discharged to approx. 3% and then recharged to 100% again in order to achieve a correct determining of the state of charge (recalibration).

  There are some prerequisites (read carefully):
  1. You should be running WindowsTM 7 or newer (Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 32 or 64 bit each).
    Running Linux, charging thresholds can be set using TLP:

  2. It only works with Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks - other notebooks (e.g. IdeapadTM) can't control charging thresholds.

  3. You have to install some software from LenovoTM (drivers for communicating with the battery):

    Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
      Lenovo Power Management Driver     download mirror:  [32-bit]  [64-bit]   [readme.txt]
      ThinkPad Settings Dependency download mirror:  [32-bit, 64-bit] [readme.txt]

    Windows 11, 10 (Version 1703 or later)
      Lenovo Power Management Driver     download mirror:  [64-bit]   [readme.txt]
      Lenovo Power and Battery Driver download mirror:  [32-bit, 64-bit] [readme.txt]

    Restart is required after installation.

  4. In order to get new settings working, you have to disconnect the power supply, restart Windows and wait for the charging level to fall under the low charging threshold you have been setting.

  5. If the charging thresholds are ignored again and again, check whether there is the "Lenovo Settings Power" task in the Lenovo folder in the Windows task scheduler. If so, disable this task.

  6. Still not working? Try to install Lenovo System Interface Foundation (recommended only if not working).
    System Interface Foundation     download mirror:  [Windows 11, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)]   [readme.txt]

  7. Still not working? Update your (UEFI-)Bios:

  8. Finally some helpful links to Lenovo:
    ThinkVantage Technologies downloads
    Lenovo Windows Support

Please note: This project is not related to the notebook manufacturer Lenovo.

  download  BatteryChargeManager   version 1.0.2
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This project is not related to the notebook manufacturer Lenovo.


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